Niklas Kroner

EconomistDivision of International FinanceFederal Reserve Board of Governors 

Research: macroeconomics, international finance, and asset pricing


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Papers Under Revision

with Christoph E. Boehm February 2023 Conditionally Accepted, Review of Economic Studies

Presentations: Bocconi*; ESWM 2020; AEA 2021*; RES 2021; SED 2021; SMYE 2021; NASMES 2021; CEA 2021; EEA-ESAM 2021; BdF-BoE-BdI*; Carleton*; CFM Int. Macro*; Junior Macro*; NBER SI 2022; Maryland; Fed Board; Halle*; Leuven*; Stanford; Notre Dame; GEA 2022; HKUST*; Johns Hopkins; Midwest Macro; IMF; Brown*; Michigan*; Miami*; Richmond Fed*; Berkeley*; Rochester* 

Other versions: SSRN, Fed WP, NBER WP, NBER Digest

Press coverage: Bloomberg

Working Papers

January 2024

Presentations: CFE 2023; GEA 2023

Other versions: SSRN

with Christoph E. Boehm December 2023

Presentations: CBMMW 2021; AFA 2024; Maryland*

Other versions: SSRN

Permanent Working Papers

October 2021

Presentations: SEA 2021; ESWM 2021; Ifo Macro & Survey 2022; Fed Board; Wake Forest; Rutgers; Exeter

Other versions: SSRN